Frequently asked questions


Why should I buy from Printer Cartridge Supplies Ltd?

By choosing to buy from Printer Cartridge Supplies Ltd you "cut out the Middle Man". You are buying directly from the manufacturer, benefiting from competitive pricing, a full warranty and you will also have direct contact with regards to technical queries or product enquiries. You are also supporting a British Manufacturing company rather than a company selling Chinese Imports.


Why should I purchase compatible products rather than sourcing original cartridges?

There is a misconception that buying compatible cartridges means a compromise in quality. Whilst this may have been true 10 years ago, the industry has come a long way. You can confidently source a compatible product from us since we will only offer compatible products where it is technically possible to match the quality of the Original product. Cartridges are print tested in-house as part of our production procedures. All products are covered by our comprehensive warranty.


Are the cartridges tested and guaranteed to match the page life and quality of an original cartridge?

All of our products undergo intensive testing prior to to being taken into the product range. During the development stages components are tested for print quality, transfer rate, suitability for the machine, fusibility as well as page life to ensure a true cost saving over an original cartridge.


Is every cartridge fully print tested prior to packaging?

All of our toner cartridges are print tested throughout the production process.


Will the use of a remanufactured cartridge void my printer warranty?

You will not invalidate your warranty by using a compatible toner cartridge in your printer. Naturally, the printer manufacturer will not cover the cost of the printer repair if it was proven that the damage was caused by the cartridge. In the very unlikely event of this occurring our comprehensive warranty covers the toner cartridge as well as your printer.


Why should I buy a remanufactured compatible cartridge when I can source a new-build compatible cartridge?

New-build compatible cartridges are mainly imported from China and do not contain recycled parts, therefore they are not as environmentally friendly. With new-build compatible cartridges there is also the risk of patent infringements since the original printer manufacturers produce their cartridges inclusive of copyrights. This aso means that some of the new-built cartridges look different to the original and might not sit within the printer very well.