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Dell B2360 Toner Cartridge Launch

We have now added the Dell B2360 Toner Cartridge to our website. This Remanufactured toner cartridge comes with 8.500 prints and at a fraction of the vost in comparision to the original. You can buy this toner cartridge for just £84.50


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Printer Cartridge Supplies are now on Twitter

Please follow us on twitter @PrinterCSonline or https://twitter.com/PrinterCSonline. Follow us to recieve information on new products.


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The font you use can affect how quickly you go through your toner cartridges. Use Times New Roman,You'll get 100 more pages per cartridge than you will printing in heavier fonts such as arial.



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New Lexmark range

We're pleased to announce that we are close to releasing the new range of original Lexmark toners. The CS and CX range printers are at the forefront of printing and with these original toner cartridges you can expect a high quality print in colour.


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Laser Toner Cartridges:Your Questions Answered

Long an essential tool for businesses, laser printers are becoming more and more popular with home users because of their speed, accuracy and precision. Laser printers are increasingly affordable, too. If you're contemplating buying a laser printer, here are the answers to the common questions about the all-important subject of laser toner cartridges.


How Long Do Laser Toner Cartridges Last?

Laser printer toner cartridge life is measured in terms of yield. This measurement has two numbers, the first is the number of pages that can be printed with that cartridge. The second is a percentage which refers to the ratio of the page that is printed on. For example, a yield of "35000 pages, 5%", indicates that the cartridge will print 3500 average quality pages with text that covers five percent of each page.

One good thing about laser printers is that not using the machine doesn't result in reduced cartridge life. This is because laser toner is powder. So unlike the liquid ink in inkjet cartridges, it doesn't dry up if unused for a long time.

What Are My Options For Replacement Cartridges?

Your first option is to get what are called OEM cartridges. These are made by the printer manufacturer and tend to be very expensive. This is because the printers themselves are sold as loss leaders. So the manufacturers need to make up their profit on the sale of replacement toner cartridges. With your laser printer having a life of around five years, you'll probably spend up to seven times the cost of the unit on replacement OEM cartridges.

An alternative is to get what are called "compatible cartridges". These are new toner cartridges but manufactured by a third party. As they are made to the specification of the manufacturer, the quality is generally very high, especially with the application of ISO 9001 in recent years. However, they are much cheaper. The price of these compatible cartridges are usually less than half that the OEM item. These are your best option.

You can also find what are called remanufactured cartridges. These are different from compatible cartridges in that they are used OEM cartridges that have been refilled. Good remanufactured cartridges consist of more than simply filling a used cartridge with ink or toner, though. Reputable manufacturers also clean and quality check the cartridges, too.


One good thing about remanufactured laser toner cartridges is that they're environmentally-friendly. Just think, UK users alone throw away over two million printer cartridges each year. In fact, many organizations now pay you for returning used laser cartridges.


Where's The Best Place To Buy Replacement Cartridges?


You have a number of options here. Your high street discount chain will have a wide selection but prices tend to be very high. Likewise for the office supply chains. Then there's ordering from an online supplier which offers many benefits. For one thing, as these online dealers don't have the expense of maintaining a shop or showroom, they can offer you very attractive prices.



(Better still, they're not caught in the loss leader trap so they don't need to mark up their prices so much). What's more, reputable suppliers will have online catalogues so you can browse conveniently and order from the comfort of your home. Plus, delivery is very fast. Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours.

But not all online suppliers are created equal so there are a number of caveats. Firstly, you should be wary of companies that offer their laser toner cartridges at well below market prices. Check, too, to make sure that the supplier guarantees that their compatible cartridges match the life and print quality of the OEM items.


Laser printing is becoming increasingly popular and by judicious shopping you can make it very affordable. By shopping online for your laser toner cartridges, you can get the fastest, quality printing done at prices that don't break the bank.


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So what makes compatibles so much cheaper


Its simply like everything else – when you go to the supermarket’s you notice that Heinz baked beans are more expensive than the supermarket’s own brand, Persil Washing Liquid is more expensive than the supermarket own brand. Basically a recognised branded product generally comes with a premium price tag!

Here at Printer cartridge supplies we pride ourselves on our high quality products with low prices. We offer 12 Months warranty that protects your cartridge and printer and we also offer Free UK Next Day Delivery. Start saving now with PCS!










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Compatible And Remanufactured Cartridges

Compatible cartridges are also known as generic cartridge...

The sales of OEM cartridges have been major revenue for printer manufacturers for many years. This pattern is changing recently. Despite the steep drop of printer price, the price of OEM cartridges remains remarkably high. Many consumers are fed up with expensive OEM cartridges and look for cheap alternatives. As a result, compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges are becoming more popular than ever before.

Compatible cartridges are also known as generic cartridges. They are like the generic drugs in pharmaceutical industry. Compatible cartridges are made by third-party manufacturers. They follow the same specification of OEM cartridges but are offered at one-half to one-third of the price of OEM cartridges. This gives them a distinctive advantage for bargain-hunting consumers.

Remanufactured cartridges are OEM cartridges which have been through one cycle of service. They are disassembled, cleaned, repaired and refilled before they are released to the market again. Remanufactured cartridges save landfill space and extra resources to produce new cartridges. These replacement cartridges are very popular among environmentally concerned consumers.

With compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges taking up market share, printer manufacturers are working hard to protect their profits. Some manufacturers have incorporated smart chips into their cartridges, making it difficult or impossible to refill the printer cartridges or to use compatible and remanufactured cartridges from third-party manufacturers.

On the other hand, third-party manufacturers are capable of overcoming this by providing 100% compatible printer cartridges with new replacement chips. Some companies also offer smart chip resetter or refilling services to their customers.

In conclusion, compatible and remanufactured cartridges are viable choice to cut printing cost. However, consumers should be careful when shopping for cheap printer cartridges. In addition to low price, they should compare the quality and compatibility of the printer cartridges. It is also prudent to shop with merchants who offer good customer support and extended warranty.






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Laser Printers Have Decreased Further Price And Increased Quality

In the case of poor quality toner in a laser printer, the black areas won't be as dense.  However, now that good quality, name brand color laser printers are much more affordable, I think it is time for their reconsideration.  Enter the color laser printer, which has a relatively low  toner cost and does its best quality printing on inexpensive, plain laser paper.  In addition, higher quality rag-content bond papers can also be used effectively with a color laser printer.  SMEs need an inexpensive laser printer that achieves quality results quickly.  If you're intent on reproducing photos, you're better off with a good quality inkjet printer instead of a laser.

Since then, laser printers have decreased further in price and increased in quality.  A laser printer is a common type of computer printer that reproduces high quality text and graphics on plain paper.  Toner Cartridge Depot presents a convenient way to purchase quality office products, laser printer toners, ink cartridges and printer cartridges at competitive prices.  Plus, low-end colour lasers often produce colour output quality that rivals that of much more expensive printers.  Quality, resolution, and colorThe standard resolution in most laser printers today is 1200 dots per inch (dpi).  - Excellent quality: The text is very clear with no dots visible anywhere - exactly what you would expect from a quality laser printer.

When it comes to quantity and quality, I use a Laser printer and if it happens to be a color laser, so be it.  Color laser printers are for people who want the speed and text quality of a black-and-white laser but require color, too.  However, only the most expensive color laser printers can match the true photo quality of the best photo ink jets.

While colored toner is available, color laser printers are generally much more expensive.  30% of a new product  This product is a recycled version of the used toner cartridge for laser printer.  The toner is black in most cartridges, but may be cyan, magenta, and yellow in color laser printers.  Inexpensive color laser printers usually ship with a starter set of toner cartridges, which generally hold about a third of a normal cartridge.  Last year the answer would have been "go inkjet" because of quirks in laser printer toner technology.  Color laser printers add colored toner (typically but not always cyan, yellow, and magenta

see CMYK) in three additional steps or passes.  bulk toner will do but must include instructions for my minolta qms 2300 DL laser printer.  Click here to save on laser printer toner.  Firstly, if I went out and spent this much on a laser printer I wouldn't expect to be shafted with a 'starter toner pack'.  When it comes to laser printers, the main consumable cost you will encounter is toner cartridge replacement.  A slightly modified colour laser printer addresses these toner particles to a solid support.  Because an entire page is transmitted to a drum before the toner is applied, laser printers are sometimes called page printers.  In a write-black printer the laser positively charges the printed areas to attract the toner, which gives better detail than a write-white printer.

Built on an advanced print engine, this 8ppm monochrome laser printer is productive and easy to use.  First, laser printer cartridges are able to print thousands of pages and are usually cheaper per page than inkjet cartridges.  Dot-matrix printers can print up to 500 cps, and laser printers range from about 4 to 20 text pages per minute.  Because laser printers do not use ink, they have less image smearing problems than inkjet printers and are able to print pages faster.  The result is a color laser printer that is ready to print as soon as you connect it.  Today a comparable laser printer that boasts more memory, a higher print speed and duplexing capability can be had for about £200.00.  The fastest color laser printers can print over 60 pages per minute (3600 pages per hour).

The laser printer does not print in color, but my project didn't require color.  If you print a lot, you too may want to consider adding a laser printer to your computer set-up.  So whenever I click on the print icon, the document is automatically sent to the laser printer.  Most laser printers print only in monochrome.  The application being used must support Postscript in order for the laser printer to print Postscript documents.  A laser printer with duplex printing can print on one side of the paper, turn the paper over, and print on the other side.




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